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A unique discipleship tool, designed to help Christian parents and youth workers talk to their ADOPTED & FOSTER TEENAGERS about God and the Gospel.
Trusting The God of The Gospel


Discipleship For Adopted & Foster Teenagers

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Trusting the God of The Gospel features 8 videos from Arthur & Elizabeth Woods designed to prompt conversation between you and your teenager. Each video will help parents and youth workers unpack the lessons in the companion work book.


Join Arthur & Elizabeth Woods for this special 10-Episode podcast series in which they unpack the Trusting The God of The Gospel video series. Listen on iTunes or wherever you consume your podcasts.



Trusting The God of The Gospel comes with a downloadable PDF workbook that coincides with each of the 8 video sessions. The workbook contains excersizes and activities to get your teenager thinking and scripture memorization suggestions to get them to hide God's Word in their heart.

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Married for over 20 years, Arthur & Elizabeth have been working with teenagers, both personally and professionally for many years. From being certified foster parents, to being CRR treatment parents, to serving as student ministers at their local church, they know what it's like to disciple adopted & foster teenagers. Arthur has also served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), working with teenagers in the foster care system. In addition, Arthur serves on the board of directors of Camp Orchard Hill - a youth camp in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth is a registered nurse and an experienced speaker and teacher.

Cindy King
Adoption Consultant

Trusting the God of the Gospel powerfully equips Christian parents, counselors, and youth workers to share the Gospel with teens who desperately need to know and understand their Father’s love and care.

Nancy Mehessy

Arthur is filling in a huge gap in the world of foster/ adopt families. He is creating relevant and user friendly material to help parents understand and care for the unique spiritual needs of children and teens. 

Kurt Zimmerman
Student Director

Arthur knows how to lead others in caring for teenagers who have been through trauma in appropriate and practical ways,


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01 As a Parent or Youth Worker, How do I Use This With my Teenager?

There are three primary ways this can be used. #1. Watch the videos together and go through the material with your teenager. #2. Watch the videos and go through the material privately as a way to prepare to have discussions with your teenager.  #3. If your teenager is motivated to do so, have them watch the videos and go through the material themselves. We don't usually encourage this method, as it removes the parents or youth workers from the picture.

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02 What Topics are Discussed in The Series?

Over the course of the 8-sessions of Trusting The God of The Gospel, we look at several words and Gospel concepts that may be difficult for an adopted or foster teenager to embrace. We discuss Biblical ideas of Father, Adoption, Love, Orphan, Forgiveness, Identity, Control and Trust. The series helps you look for ways to encourage your teenager to embrace those concepts in light of their past experiences.

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03 Can I Purchase Multiple Copies to Give to People Who Would Benefit?

Absolutely! We have had churches, ministries and individuals order 10-20 DVDs at a time to distribute to families that could benefit. 

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04 Is This a Counseling or Therapy Program?

No, it is not. Think of it as a Discipleship Series. Arthur & Elizabeth are not professional counselors nor licensed therapists, but rather have years of experience talking to teenagers from hard places about God and the Gospel. Please seek professional help if your teenager is experiencing issues related to mental / emotional health.

Helping You Talk to Your Adopted and Foster
Children & Teens
About God.

In this free, 35 minute webinar we will teach you how to look at discipleship through the lens of a child or teenager's past experiences - past hurts - past trauma. If you live with or work with adopted or foster children or teenagers, this webinar is right for you. Register today.


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